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I used to read everything. But recently I only read M/M books. And.. I'm really sorry, I'm not an active participant on Booklikes. I use this site only for backup. Meet me on Goodreads. :))



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Erotic Short Stories, Volume 1

Erotic Short Stories, Volume 1 - Lynn Hagen NO RESISTANCE: 2 stars

IN THE HOT SEAT: 2.5 stars


Ooh, I liked this one! It was bit kinky. I'm just disappointed it was too short! I really want the full story with this one.


In the Wreckage: (M/M Sci-Fi Military Romance) (Metahuman Files Book 1)

In the Wreckage: (M/M Sci-Fi Military Romance) (Metahuman Files Book 1) - Hailey Turner 3.5 stars

This book has so many potentials. It has great world building, hot sex, great chemistry. But the romance? Yikes, it sucks. There's no relationship development whatsoever between Jamie and Kyle. They met, they fuck. Eventually, I got bored with the sex and keep skimming them. The action stuff that actually keeps me on my toes. I'm lucky I'm in the mood for some action. I hope book #2 will make it up to me somehow.

All About Sawyer

All About Sawyer - Marissa Holt It was so good up until 70% mark. Sawyer fucked up and Kace just forgave him that easy. After that, everything was so cheesy and it's just unbelievable. I stopped caring about them all of sudden. I'm glad they have their HEA. End of story.


Crave - J.M. Dabney 3.5 stars

When I came across this book, I do not know that this is a spin-off series. There's a lot of other characters from another series. But I kept reading it because I'm that curious. I just thought I should give this a try because I have a penchant for crazy jealous man. I know this book from this list https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/15674.Gay_Romance_With_Crazy_Jealous_Partner_s?page=3.

These men are so OTT. But I get used to it somehow. I liked how Crave was so crazy with Twitch. I liked the slow burn, the chemistry between them. I liked it. I think I would have to read Twirled series first to get to know the other characters better.

Getting There

Getting There - Deja Black My goodness... this book was such a guilty pleasure for me. I don't even care about the psycho bitch of an ex plot. I know it's getting old. But I just don't care. I loved Creed and Lucas so much!

Thirteen Mercies, Three Kills

Thirteen Mercies, Three Kills - Liv Olteano This one is FREE right now. I'm not in the mood for FF. Just in case anyone is interested.


Rx for Sex

Rx for Sex - Bru Baker FREE on Smashwords.



Promises - Alexa Riley Rating refers to the final book.


Obsessed - Eve Vaughn My goodness! That epilogue just gave me chills. Although I had a hunch it would be that way, I just don't think that he would actually did that.

I don't consider this as romance. Because that was far from romance. He was a manipulative asshole. But I admit I liked it.

Warning: dubcon.

Kiss Your Scars

Kiss Your Scars - Avril Ashton Notes:

• The sexual tension. Omg! I think I'm having a fever.

• Heads up. There's unwanted hookup (Low and his fuck buddy, Chance). But fear not. Our MC's not in a relationship yet. Kind of off-page sex scene. I dismissed this. Ignored.

• I liked how Renzo honest with Lowell. How he confessed his feelings. I adore him!

• Fuck. I do not want to admit I cried a little because of Renzo.

• This book is sappy. Intense and emotional. It has flaws. But that's the thing. You see the flaws and you do not care. As long as it makes you happy. That's the important thing. If I want something real, I'll just go outside my house and talk to people. I think this is the best book from Mrs. Av after '(Watch Me) Unmask You'. Good god, it was so good. You nailed it, Mrs. Av.


Fated - Rebecca Zanetti It should've been good. But for a mates story, there's no combustible chemistry.

Forget Me Not (The Unforgettable Duet Book 1)

Forget Me Not (The Unforgettable Duet Book 1) - Brooke Blaine My goodness. I really want the book #2, like ASAP. Mrs. Blaine killed me with that ending. So much feels. It's a bit sappy. But I don't mind.

Thank you, Van. :)

Inconvenient Mate

Inconvenient Mate - Shannon West When it comes to Ms. West, it's like coming to my safe zone. My guilty pleasure. Because I know what to expect. With that being said, I still have a mixed feeling about this book. Reluctant mate plot and miscommunication often drive me crazy. And don't let me start with the long separation between my MC's. Ugh... I hate that. Thank goodness, the chemistry between them did help a lot. As it should be because they're mates. <3


Untitled - Santino Hassell Oh man... I knew it! I knew that I would love them both. 5 stars do feel good. I keep grinning like an idiot. Love Simeon and Adrián. <3<br/>
Is there going to be Rocky's story next book? Oh, he seems angsty enough. He looks deeply closeted and in denial. This is going to be interesting. I just hope he didn't screw it up.


Can't wait for this. I freaking loved Simeon! <3

His Kind of Love

His Kind of Love - Kate  Hawthorne This is sappy as hell. But creepy too. Well, I have a bad day. I prefer something cute and creepy. So Gabriel ticks all of my boxes.


Suck - Dee Aditya Interesting. I loved Nazan. Great character. Thank you to the author and the team behind the story. <3