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I used to read everything. But recently I only read M/M books. And.. I'm really sorry, I'm not an active participant on Booklikes. I use this site only for backup. Meet me on Goodreads. :))



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Shanghaied - Shannon West 3.5 stars

Unfortunately, I hate Stefan's hot and cold behavior. Frustrating. There's not much romance between Stefan and Vannos. It's more about politics and action stuff. I'm just not interested in politics. :(

I'm more interested in Redmond and Tallon's story. Can't wait!

Painted On My Heart

Painted On My Heart - Kindle Alexander Notes :

- My goodness. This is so boring. There are too many details. Too wordy. Too much filler.
- I like the UST going on here. *clears throat*
- I don't even mind how Arik pursued Kellus comes across predatory. Good god, I just don't like the HIV plot. I kept thinking Kellus dying. Ok, Kellus was not dying for sure. Thank god. And how Arik just brushed it off like it's no big deal, I just can't... Yes, they have a consultant and everything like that, but it's not that easy. If I had known there would be this plot, I won't pick this book. This is personal opinion, okay? I think it's not everybody's problem.
- I don't really like this book. It's such a downer. And it shouldn't be this long. :(
- I really miss the magic like I had with 'Texas Pride'. I think I should re-read it.

La Douleur Exquise: An Alpha and Omega Mpreg Yaoi Bodiceripper

La Douleur Exquise: An Alpha and Omega Mpreg Yaoi Bodiceripper - Amelita Rae Oh, the drama! This one is so harlequiny. I love seeing my Alpha being so obsessed with my omega. Yes, I know what he did was wrong. But he did all of that because of love. I love Reynor. <3<br/>
Thank you, Van! :)

Divine Proportions

Divine Proportions - Amelita Rae 3.5 stars

Kinky perverted alien. Lol. I would like to see the medical procedures, though.

Terrek described Carson very, very descriptive. Even when they're having sex. Ok, that scene kind of scared me a little. Because let's say the alien did not have a penis like the human did. Ouch.

Thank you, Van!

Nothing Special V

Nothing Special V - A.E. Via Over the top. But good god, this series become such a guilty pleasure for me. My crack. I got me some full on testosterone alpha males, insta lust, and combustible chemistry. I'm happy. :))

Can't wait for Free and Hart's story. XD

Everything for Her

Everything for Her - Alexa Riley Once in a while, I need a good dose of my fairytale. This one is so sweet. It leans more on the romance side rather than smut. So if you're looking for lots of sex, you're going to be disappointed.

What I disliked :
- Kind of dragged a bit.

知ってるよ。[Shitteru yo.]

知ってるよ。[Shitteru yo.] - Hinako, ひなこ So cute and sweet. The story and the artwork is so simple. I really like the second story though. Very touching.

犬と神様 [Inu to Kami-sama]

犬と神様 [Inu to Kami-sama] - Hideyoshico 4.5 stars

Like a never-ending curse...
Being with you makes me lose my mind...
The presence of a man I hate slowly seeps into me...

Bullies to lovers are one of my favorite tropes. Because, come on guys, who doesn't love peace? I love peace. So I don't want any bullies. And this one is oh-so-much-feels. <3<br/>
What I disliked :
Just one scene of full on sex. Oh wait, it's fade to black actually. I wish there would be more of sexy times.

いちばん近くで恋をする (GUSH COMICS) (Japanese Edition)

いちばん近くで恋をする (GUSH COMICS) (Japanese Edition) - 桐祐 キヨイ First story: 3 stars
Second story: 4 stars

Devil X Devil

Devil X Devil - Sachiyo Sawauchi Pedo-vibe!
I'm sorry, I can't take it. :(

Warning : shotacon.

Into His Arms: A Yaoi Merman Fairytale (Beloved Book 2)

Into His Arms: A Yaoi Merman Fairytale (Beloved Book 2) - Amelita Rae, Skyler Thacmis You know I really liked the book #1. So I thought, of course, I would love the sequel. I did like some of the moments. But... yes, why do there's always but? Sadly sometimes I feel like this reads like a manual or textbook or something like that. It just takes away all of my fun.

王子の箱庭 [Ouji no Hakoniwa]

王子の箱庭 [Ouji no Hakoniwa] - Chise Okawa, 高木しげよし Story : 4.5 stars
Artwork : 3.5 stars

Warning : dubcon, noncon.

恋をひとくち [Koi o Hitokuchi]

恋をひとくち [Koi o Hitokuchi] - Papiko Yamada, 山田パピコ 4.5 stars

ケダモノ彼氏! [Kedamono Kareshi!]

ケダモノ彼氏! [Kedamono Kareshi!] - Sari Aomoto, 碧本さり 3.5 stars


Darling - Yuzuha Ougi 4.5 stars

Good god, this is so adorable! Love them. <3<br/>


Kowarekake no Omocha

Kowarekake no Omocha - C.J. Michalski I'm not satisfied with the ending. It feels like HFN to me.