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I used to read everything. But recently I only read M/M books. And.. I'm really sorry, I'm not an active participant on Booklikes. I use this site only for backup. Meet me on Goodreads. :))



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Unbreakable - Abby Reynolds This is a story about a girl that has been abused by his SOB ex-boyfriend and she's struggle everyday to get over it. And a boy who has his own scar deep inside and refused to dealt with it. Then one day, they met, sparks fly..

What I liked :
- I really liked the writing. Smooth, simple, and straightforward. It didn't leave me confused.
- I really really liked Liam. I liked when a manwhore turns to be a lover boy. And he didn't mind to get an advice to pursued Keira from Scotty. He's not hard-headed like that.
- I love Scotty. He's Keira's cousin. Over-protective to keira. And he didn't mind Liam wants to get know her. Even though he knows exactly 'who' Liam is. How cool is that, huh?

What I disliked :
- Don't get me wrong, I liked keira too. But sometimes she annoyed me. Always clinging to Scotty. She looked so weak in my eyes.
- The story is pretty predictable for me. It didn't leave me guessing.
- Liam seems too good to be true to me. Like his unreal. Well, I know this is a fiction. But sometimes I need my characters seems real.
- The ending feels too abrupt.. it feels like you have to end it there.

Overall, It's a good read. I liked it. For someone who needs a 'light' reading, this is a good choice. =)
Do I want to read the sequel? Of course, I want to. I am looking forward Scotty's story. Thank you, Abby ^^