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Slow Heat

Slow Heat - Leta Blake 4.5 stars

Warning: This is not a review. This is basically a note to remind me what I feel about the book. Spoilers ahead.


- Omg. It's only 3% and I have to read about Jason and his roommate, Xan, having sex. They're not only best friends but they're also fuck buddies. And it's on page sex scene. Great. At least Jason hasn't met his mate yet. You have to keep positive thinking. I hope everything gets better.. Please god, I don't want to read about their sexcapade anymore.. *sigh*

Needing to touch skin, he tore at his omega's clothing, his cock pulsing wetly in his pants, echoing the musky scent of slick slipping from his omega's ass. He wanted to drown himself in that smell, rub it all over himself, die with his cock buried deep in his omega's sweet ass and dripping with his omega's slick.

- Chemistry overload. Thank goodness! This is how you wrote about imprinting mates. And self-lubricating buttholes? That was convenient.

- Interesting world building. Intense. But.. it is a shitty world.

- Oh my god, they mentioned 'rectum'. Are there gonna be ass babies? I'm scared right now. But there's always c-section. Or it isn't? I don't know.

- Holy crap. I never thought that this book would be so serious. They've been talking about laws and politics that makes my head spin.

- Jason and Xan actually having sex again. That's straight up cheating. There's no gray area. WTF. I really hope that Vale would know eventually. Because then I would be smiling happily. I hope I have my revenge.

- Hmm.. I guess Jason grovels a bit.

- Jason's pet name 'baby alpha' sort of ingrained in my head. It was cute.

- The chemistry between the characters is awesome. Great UST. Interesting world building. What's in there not to like.. except for the indiscretion, of course.

- This was not an easy book to read. I thought this would be fluffy ones. Instead, it was full of angst and a bit downer. But I don't regret it.