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I used to read everything. But recently I only read M/M books. And.. I'm really sorry, I'm not an active participant on Booklikes. I use this site only for backup. Meet me on Goodreads. :))



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Endless Obsession

Endless Obsession - Alex  Grayson It was really crazy. Asher completely stripped Poppy's privacy. He put on cameras in her house, in every single room, except the bathroom. I'm not sure it makes any difference. He needs to watch her without her knowing because of reasons. I know it's wrong. Hell, you should run away when you come across this situation. But this is only a book, ok? You know from the start that Asher has no intention to hurt her. He really loves her.

I liked Asher. He has uncontrolled stalking tendencies. He knew it was wrong. See, at least he got a good insight. And he was so sweet towards Poppy. So my heart did melt for him. And Poppy. She did give a good fight when she knows what Asher has done. I love a heroine that has a backbone in her.

What I disliked :
It was said that Asher has kidney disease. But he drinks. I mean drink alcohol. I'm not so sure about that. He only has 1 kidney. He has dialysis, treatments, and all that stuff. For someone who knows he was sick from some kidney disease, and yet he keeps drinking. I thought maybe he would be more grateful for his life that he still alive. But maybe it's just me. I have to suspend disbelief. Don't worry, eventually he got a kidney transplant.