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God Whispers in the Night

God Whispers in the Night - Marie Shropshire I read for fun. For an escape. First half of this book gave me a glimpse of real life that I don't want to see. I admit I step back for a while before I dive back in. All I can say is this is not fluffy. Absolutely not. Look elsewhere if you're looking for something romantic. This is dark and gritty. Well it's M. Caspian's after all. I bet you guys know her style. I haven't even read her 'Kraken'. I will though.

What I liked :
- The background story about microbiology. Really interesting stuff.

What I disliked :
- Not much romance between Reece and Cian (just about 20%). Okay, they're mates. But they're just thrown together because of the bonding. :(
- I don't know why Cian keep coming back to Vaughan. I keep screaming 'Good god!'. Obviously he was hurting him. I think this is the thing when you're in abusive relationship. You don't even know that you're being abused.
- I need something horrible and terrible happen to Vaughan, Steven and Julian. If I had to go through all of that, I need an emotional payout. Being burned alive just didn't cut it.

Thank you so much to the author and the team behind this story. <3<br/>
Trigger warning : Child neglect, assumption to child sexual abuse, assumption to child prostitution, violence, graphic non/con