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Becoming Brad's

Becoming Brad's - Aubrey Cullens 3.5 stars

Notes :

- I think Justin is Bi. No straight man would feel tingled being touched by another man.

- I thought this was going to be dub/con or non/con. No. Justin made the decision for the proposal. And he's 20. I consider him as an adult.

- Insta love-lust. Well, this is novella. I don't mind though. If they're just going to be fuck buddy till the end of the book, I would be seriously pissed.

- My god, Brad was so possessive and dominant. I liked it.

- I think Brad needs to stop calling Justin 'the kid'. *grumble*

- Too many narration not enough dialogue. :(

- Brad called Justin 'baby' even though they're just met a few days. *groan*

- If you like Harlequin, I think you would like this book.

This book was written in Dual POV and ended in HEA.