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I used to read everything. But recently I only read M/M books. And.. I'm really sorry, I'm not an active participant on Booklikes. I use this site only for backup. Meet me on Goodreads. :))



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Moonstruck - Shannon West Most of this book is kind of bit an info dump. Ok, yes, I know it's hard to start a new series. So the author needs to build the story to makes it more believeable. And I liked it. The whole BLA (Bureau of Lupine Affairs) vs. Shifters, and how they struggled againts humans too.

And well, what can I say? Ms. West can made one of the best chemistry in shifter books I've ever read. I really liked her writing. But in this book, Jaden and Ty barely spend time together. Because of the 'situation' between them. They only hooked up twice for as long I could remember. Damn, I wanna see them together more often.

Hope I would still see them in the nextbook! *fingers crossed*