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I used to read everything. But recently I only read M/M books. And.. I'm really sorry, I'm not an active participant on Booklikes. I use this site only for backup. Meet me on Goodreads. :))



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Pinned - Maris Black I really liked the chemistry between beck and jeremy. But there is just one thing that really bugged me. There's a brief m/m/m foreplay scene in it. And I didn't see any warning about it on the blurb. It's totally throw me off balance. Because I don't read menage (I try to avoid it as much as I can). Soo...I skipped the scene. Because i intend to enjoy the book.

Okay, I know there's people out there that liked this stuff. Let's face it. Everyone got their own kink. I understand. But I think you should put a warning first. Just an advice..

"Your Kink is Not My Kink But Your Kink is OK"