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I used to read everything. But recently I only read M/M books. And.. I'm really sorry, I'm not an active participant on Booklikes. I use this site only for backup. Meet me on Goodreads. :))



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WANT - Kade Boehme 3.5 stars

I've read 'Trouble and Wallflower' and I didn't like it. And when I read the blurb it's stating one of my pet peeves. I hate hot and cold behavior. F*ck buddy. I hate that.

So please mind me for being skeptical in the first place. But when the author says he got a little dirty on this one, I can't resist. I have to try it. It was rough dirty sex. They can't get enough of each other. Me likey. And that sweet epilogue just did me. <3<br/>
What I disliked :
- Trevor's repetitive inner monologue.
- Constant f*cking. Not that I mind of course. But they do really need to TALK. *growl*