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I used to read everything. But recently I only read M/M books. And.. I'm really sorry, I'm not an active participant on Booklikes. I use this site only for backup. Meet me on Goodreads. :))



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Illegal Contact (The Barons)

Illegal Contact (The Barons) - Santino Hassell Warning: there's unwanted hook-up at the 45%. I know what you're thinking. Omg, he's a cheater..?! NO. No, he's not a cheater. Technically. Why? Because they weren't together at the time. Noah didn't even know that Gavin was bi. So, I have to give Gavin some credit. Although THIS is one of my pet-peeves. Ugh. Yes, I admit that scene just killed the chemistry dead right there. But I keep on going reading because I have a hunch that they will make it up to me. And they did. Gavin did. :)

Make a Right

Make a Right - Willa Okati FREE right now!


SEALing His Fate: An Mpreg Romance (SEALed With A Kiss Book 1)

SEALing His Fate: An Mpreg Romance (SEALed With A Kiss Book 1) - Aiden Bates Up until 10% and I still have no idea what this book is all about. So confused. Maybe we're just not meant to be..

Trust and Obey

Trust and Obey - T.S. McKinney 3.5 stars


- Heads up. This is a continuation from 'Overtime'. This is not standalone.
- Great chemistry between the characters.
- The BDSM scene bored me out. :(
- I love seeing Jagger and Colton again in here. Yay!
- I liked the mystery plot.

사랑하는 소년 [Lover Boy]

사랑하는 소년 [Lover Boy] - Zec My goodness. So much feels. Angsty as f*ck.

Stepbrother Catfish

Stepbrother Catfish - Izzy Sweet My goodness..the drama. It's like watching a soap opera. I feel like I just got off from a roller coaster. The Hero was a former manwhore before he's involved with the Heroine. And I'm not judging that. But the heroine annoyed the crap out of me. Always running from the Hero after she gives in a little too fast, IMO. Rinse, repeat. I even skimming the sex scenes because I'm just bored with it. The hero needs to grovel really bad. And I don't see that. I'm a bit disappointed because I kind of liked the story.

Dark Needs

Dark Needs - Maris Black 4.5 stars

Holy shit. I just read twincest. Don't judge me, ok? For me, this is only fiction. I really love the passion between them. Great UST. Slow burn. Because they've been separated for at least a year before going back to uni together. They didn't know that they've been falling in love with each other all this time. So, yeah imagine that. And there's also mystery-suspense plot in here that I liked very much. Because it's unpredictable. I have to say the epilogue did creep me out.

This is quite different from what I've been reading from Mrs. Black. You always get a different vibe from each book/series. I love versatile boys. But I love versatile authors even more.

Motto Hanashi o Shitai no Dakedo

Motto Hanashi o Shitai no Dakedo - Kawamura Rino Totally adorable!

The E.T. Guy (Office Aliens Book 1)

The E.T. Guy (Office Aliens Book 1) - V.C. Lancaster Notes:

- Adorable characters.
- Loved the world building!

You Never Know

You Never Know - Mary Calmes I really tried to like this. I don't want to be the odd one out. But I guess you can't satisfy everyone all the time. I love second chances story. I expect a lot of groveling when someone really fucked up in the past. But no, I don't see groveling in here. And why the hell I have to read about Hagen & Ash's story? I thought this would be Hagen & Mitch's. And Mitch.. omg, he's a douche. Hagen totally deserved someone better. It's just an opinion, okay? Lots of people liking this book. I'm glad for them. Don't worry, I still love Mary. I just don't love this book. Because when you're fucking things up, I expect an emotional payout. There's take and give. Not give, give, give. It doesn't work with me.

I hope my next second chances story is a winner!

Demons of the Heart

Demons of the Heart - RoughDraftHero If I had to describe this book in one word, that would be... DRAMA. It was dramaaaa. I closed this book several times, but I keep coming back to read it again. I don't know. I guess I more like it if it has done in high school AU? Check. PNR? Check. Crazy jealous possessive partner? Check. There are multiple couples in this story. But my favorite one is Zero and Brad. They're the most insane couple, IMO. I laughed a lot every time Zero done something out of the norm. Lol.

NTS: I read this on wattpad.


Untitled - Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie What I disliked:
- The writing style. Lots of telling, not enough showing. Gah!
- There's no chemistry between them. I don't feel anything. I hate it when I don't feel anything.
- When Maximoff tells me 'We're alpha males, blah, blah, blah...' Well, dude, I'm sorry but I don't feel the testosterone.

What I liked:
None. I always remind myself NOT to read a lot of friends reviews because I don't want to be judgmental before I read the book myself. But in this case, I wish I did. I'm really sorry but it just failed me. I'm glad a lot of people enjoyed this book. :)

わかってください [Wakatte Kudasai]

わかってください [Wakatte Kudasai] - Yoshimoto Seriously creepy and so good. This one right here is memorable oneshot yaoi. I really want the full story though.

Warning: non/con.

よるとあさの歌 [Yoru to Asa no Uta]

よるとあさの歌 [Yoru to Asa no Uta] - Harada Asshat seme that I really want to punch. I really hate the guy. But then something happened. He was raped and tortured. I can't help but feeling sorry. He got a taste of his own medicine. He needs to learn his lesson and I know it needs to be done. Their happy ending are so much worth it.

さよならアルファ [Sayonara Alpha]

さよならアルファ [Sayonara Alpha] - Kimi Ichinashi Holy sh*t. Didn't expect to enjoy this. I thought it would give me pedo-vibe. Just to warn you, it's shotacon. But seriously, the chemistry is so good. <3<br/>
They didn't consummate their relationship until the seme gets older. No statutory rape.


Claimed - Alexa Riley This book actually my perfect fairy tale. I heart them both. Forget the rating. The actual rating is 5 stars for Jordan and Jay. I just don't like the suspense stuff...